Tae & Darren Smith @ Durban

Tae and Darren..this wedding was simply amazing! What a whirlwind of activity! WOW!! Huge congratulations for pulling off such an incredible day and for both being such lovely, down to earth and such genuine people.  This was quite an experience. Bridal Party of 20 ( 22 including your pups!), lively Jewish traditions and finishing off with some of the most incredibly energetic and almost dangerous dancing i've ever seen! This was a true celebration and such great fun to be apart of. Here is a small snippet of the craziness.....lots of love and congratulations. You are just the best!

Huge thank you to my second shooter for the day, Kate, you were amazing. Decor shots and some of the amazing dancing pics were captured by you.  P.S and Tae, you should be in front of the camera not behind it!! What a beauty! x

Message from Tae&Darren:


Wedding Planner: Surreal Eventing (Alexis Yapp) surreal.eventing@facebook.com

Photography: Fiona Clair Photography {amazing}
Videography: The Shank Tank - Check out our video here { https://vimeo.com/90515642 } Contact Wes & Stacey Cruickshanks www.theshanktank.co.za 
Bridal gown: Made by Gideon
Bridesmaid Gowns: YDE

Groomsmen outfits: Woolworths
Brides Make up: Lindsay Nixon www.nixonmakeup.co.za/

Bridesmaids Make up: Candice Mac Nicol www.playplaycreations.com
Brides Hair: Drew Christie www.facebook.com/DrewChristieEvolve

Brides Hair Comb: www.facebook.com/cheyjewellery

Venue: Umhlanga Jewish Centre

DJ: Franky Melman frankyzent@gmail.com

Catering: Selma Lurie

Decor: Joint effort between Tae, her parents and the talented Lindy from Labola www.labola.co.za


A Super Duper Thank you to every single one of you who had a hand in making our day the most amazing experience! We have a list of people to thank that stretches a mile long, we will personally get round to thanking you each individually after our honeymoon :-) In the meant time, a special thank you goes to: 


Our families & retinue - We are truly blessed to be shown such love at such a special time in our lives, Thank you & we love you!

Fiona - Wow- you were tremendous blessing on the day and I'm so lucky to have such a talented friend!

Stacey and Wes - Sheesh! We are absolutely blown away, Thank you!

Alexis - You are a warrior and a joy to work with! Thank you Thank you Thank you!


Love from 

Tae & Darren


Second shooter: Kate Van Onselen http://katevanonselen.com/