New York New York!

With a wedding every weekend for pretty much this whole year, this morning I thought I'd change things up and I would self indulge in a little travel photography from my little trip to the big apple! February in New York...two words...bloody freezing! Each photo captured was taken as quickly as possible so not to get frost bite on my fingers! Coming up to 4 years of living in the tropics, I had forgotten just how cold, bizarre, engerised and how quick paced city living is! I actually think i might have painted a slightly grey picture of New York here....but what an awesome experience to explore this city by myself and just take it all in. Unfortunately I didn't capture as many moments as I had wanted to...but here are a few snap shots! New Yorkers drink a lot of coffee, are very very angry (!!!), eat a lot of pretzels and bagels, and speed everywhere! And I loved it!!