Fiona Clair

Thank you for visiting my work. 

I am a freelance photographer now based in Kent, United Kingdom and I travel all over the world to capture portraits and weddings. 

Born in the UK, I fell into professional photography by chance. Always into the arts, I knew that one day I would end up working creatively, but I didn't expect it to happen so quickly and so unexpectedly. Leaving London to explore the world, I bought my first camera. My travels lead me to my Mum's home of South Africa, where I took up photography professionally. Having shot over 100 weddings in SA and worldwide, as of June 2018 I will be based back in the UK. 

Everyday this career inspires me, challenges me and encourages me to better myself.

I love people, new experiences and interpreting situations and moments through my lens. 

I hope you enjoy my work and I'd love to hear from you.





(Image thanks to Willem Oets)